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Acne treatment before and after photos

Acne is a horrible skin condition that can make you feel very self-conscious. It’s awful as a teenager – and not much fun as an adult either!

In August 2015, a 40-something lady came to see us with acne she’d been battling that simply wouldn’t go away, despite her twice-daily cleansing routine.

Acne treatment before and after photos – a *rubywaxx* case study

This *rubywaxx* customer had an Aspect skin peel as her acne treatment.

As you can see from the photos below, there was a significant difference after just one treatment.

The second treatment – plus home use of Aspect Jungle Brew and Aspect Exfol L – worked wonders: the acne was gone!

Acne treatment before and after photos

Acne treatment before and after photos

But – look at the last photo above – and see how fabulous our client is looking now, in May 2016!

The client hasn’t had any other facials, peels or other treatments since her second Aspect peel in August 2015. These acne treatment before and after photos speak for themselves!

“Using Aspect products at home is the key to maintaining the results”

Home use of Aspect serums are the key to maintaining the results of your acne treatment.

Home use of Aspect serums are the key to maintaining the results of your acne treatment.

The *rubywaxx* customer says: “I hate it when I go to have a treatment, and the therapist then tries to sell me a whole load of take-home products. I hate being sold to!”

“But in this case, the results speak for themselves. The Aspect products are amazing – they actually do what they say they’ll do. My acne has threatened to flare back up, so to counter it I stepped up my use of Exfol L.”

“I religiously look after my skin, morning and night. I cleanse, tone, use serums and moisturise twice a day, every day. I use Aspect’s Jungle Brew morning and night. And I use Exfol L about once a week usually – but if the acne looks like it’s going to flare back up, I’ll use it every night till it settles back down.”

“Even though I don’t need another Aspect peel to deal with my acne, I’ll still have another one or two peels this winter, because it has a wonderful anti-ageing effect on my skin. Aspect peels are my favourite treatment, because they really work.”

Would you like to improve your acne?

If you’re wondering if Aspect peels are right for you, contact your favourite *rubywaxx* salon to discuss the options.

(Obviously we’d love to achieve these kinds of results for all are customers, but individual circumstances do vary, so have a chat with us to see what’s realistically possible for your skin.)

If you’re already using Aspect products, remember that you can buy them from Rubywaxx online.

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