A message from the owner of Rubywaxx on COVID-19

Rubywaxx owner, Deb Barham

From 11.59pm tonight, New Zealand will go into lockdown for four weeks in a bid to combat COVID-19.

While all essential services will remain open (such as supermarkets and chemist) sadly beauty therapists – like us, will have to close during this time.

Although we have been consistently delivering top notch beauty therapy for 23 years, the health of our incredible team and loyal clientele is, and always has been our top priority.

You do not need to call to cancel any upcoming appointments currently booked with Rubywaxx during this lockdown period – we will be in touch to reschedule once the lockdown is over.

Our online store will also be closed during this time.

It’s important you can still reach us with any questions or concerns you may have. We will still be managing the Rubywaxx Facebook and Instagram accounts (@rubywaxx) and all emails sent to lesmills@rubywaxx.co.nz and greylynn@rubywaxx.co.nz will be responded too.

We look forward to wrangling a few sets of unruly eyebrows and seeing your friendly faces upon our return.

This is a scary and uncertain time, and for small businesses like ours, your support has been immensely appreciated.

If you have any questions or concerns, or we can help you in any way, please feel free to reach out – we will be here.

Lets get through this together, apart.

Stay safe and thank you,

Rubywaxx owner Deb + the team at Rubywaxx.


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