Hot new deal on skin needling

Announcing a new skin needling treatment that’s better than ever…

Although we’ve been offering skin needling (a.k.a. collagen induction therapy) for a while, Rubywaxx has just introduced a brand new skin needling technology that’s better than ever, using the Dermapen.

Here are 4 reasons that make the new Dermapen skin needling treatment so good:

Reason #1: Tailormade treatments with adjustable micro needles

Different skin conditions require the single-use surgical-grade stainless steel micro needles on the Dermapen to be set at different depths.

For example, acne and acne scar treatments need a different length to skin rejuvenation treatments. This is great, because the treatment is totally customised to your needs, and you get the best possible results.

Reason #2: LED photon dynamic therapy

The skin needling instrument doesn’t just have needles; the Dermapen also has adjustable light frequencies. The tissues in our body absorb light and to different wavelengths of light create different chemical reactions, which lead to different treatment solutions.

For example, white light treats fine lines and sagging skin; purple light deals with acne and acne scarring; and red light assists skin rejuvenation; and so on.

Reason #3: Treatments are effective for a wide range of skin problems

The combination of the dermal micro needling with adjustable needle lengths, and the tailor-made LED treatments, makes for an incredibly effective skin treatment. The Dermapen skin needling at Rubywaxx can help with:

  • Skin rejuvenation for dull, uneven or tired looking skin to bring back your glow.
  • Pigment reduction.
  • Acne and excess oil: the treatment destroys bacteria to minimise acne and inflamation.
  • Acne scarring.
  • Neutralisation and balance, by stimulating lymphatic drainage.
  • Restoring oxygen flow to dull skin.
  • Fine lines and sagging skin.
Collagen induction therapy is highly effective on a wide range of skin problems, thanks to customisations in the needling and LED therapy.
Collagen induction therapy is highly effective on a wide range of skin problems, thanks to customisations in the Dermapen needling and LED therapy.

(Here’s where you can read FAQs about collagen induction therapy.)

Reason #4: Hot pricing – and a special launch offer!

Dermapen skin needling treatments with this new technology are the same price as our old treatments: $450 a session.

Special launch offer:

Either pay $300 per Dermapen treatment, or pre-pay 3 treatments (at $300 each) and get 1 treatment free.

This discount is available till end November 2016, and is not available in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or promotions.

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