LiLash Eyelash Serum Large Size

LiLash Eyelash Serum Large Size


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Strengthen and condition hairs to achieve naturally longer lashes.

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LiLash is the world's most famous and popular eyelash serum. Join millions of other women experiencing longer lashes to enhance their features with their natural lashes.

A daily application with one stroke across the lash line is all it takes to have the best lashes in town!

LiLash contains a combination of natural conditioners to strengthen and condition the new hairs as well as highly effective active ingredients to boost the hairs’ natural active phase, which triggers extended growth in the lashes.

What is the Large size?

This Large size is perfect for when you’re starting with LiLash, as you’ll need to apply it daily.

It will last you around 9 to 12 months when you’re new to using LiLash. (After that, you might want to consider the Demi size when you’re in maintenance mode.)

Guaranteed results:

  • LiLash works… the magic is real. LiLash doesn’t use PhotoShop or falsies in its advertising – because they don’t need to.


  • When you add LiLash to your existing beauty routine, getting curled lashes couldn’t be simpler. It just takes a few seconds to apply LiLash!
  • LiLash is clear, and can be applied before makeup.


  • Physician formulated and tested.
  • Award-winning formula unchanged since first introduced in 2007.
  • Safe and non-irrigating for sensitive eyes as well as contact lens wearers.
  • Never, ever tested on animals.

Rubywaxx loves this because…

“It does everything it says it does – just look at my lashes for proof. The Large size is perfect when you’re starting off with LiLash, as you’ll need to apply it every day.”

About LiLash products

LiLash is dedicated to developing an innovative line-up of cosmetic products that are inspired and executed through the lens of the philosophy of transforming and enhancing eyes. It’s why we created our line of serums that enhance your eyelashes and eyebrows—thus manifesting a more beautiful you.

The Magic of LiLash is real! You’re one small habit away from the long, curled lashes you’ve always dreamed of. Add LiLash purified eyelash serum to your daily beauty routine and get ready to celebrate!

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