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Skincare tips from Rubywaxx

The Rubywaxx team get to check out masses of beauty products and treatments. Yep, the testing is fun, but it can be quite an eye-opener to see how many skincare treatments products don’t deliver on their promises. So when we introduce a product or service at Rubywaxx, we’ve tested it extensively ourselves to make sure it does what you’d expect it to.

Get the insider secrets on looking gorgeous…

We’re going to be adding our skincare tips and secrets whenever we’ve got something good to share with you… So be sure to check back on this section from time to time to get our latest skincare tips from our skincare experts.

Summer skincare: Why summer is THE worst season for your skin…

Yes, Summer is the season of parties… but it’s also the season of blocked pores, dehydration, sun damage and pigmentation problems. See what you can do to keep your skin in tip-top shape this summer.

Why IPL is the hero of winter skincare

Are you wondering what the best thing you can do for your skin this winter? Here’s why IPL is so awesome – and especially in winter. Read about the upside to winter here.

Would you like personalised skincare advice?

Contact the friendly team at Rubywaxx for a personalised skincare assessment and recommendations based on your exact needs. We’d be happy to share our best skincare tips so you can look your most gorgeous – all the time. 🙂

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